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Conference on Gender Relations and the Changing Dynamics of Canadian Rural Life

Guelph, Ontario
May 13-14, 2010

The Rural Women Making Change research program will be hosting a conference on gender relations and the changing dynamics of Canadian rural life at the University of Guelph, on May 13-14, 2010.

In a context where the sexual division of labour continues to be critical to survival, gender relations become a flashpoint for struggles over how change is negotiated, resisted, accommodated and embraced.

Developments in scholarship pertaining to gender and to rural places allow scholars to bring these issues into focus in new ways. Older theoretical constructs, such as power and empowerment, commodity production, social reproduction, division of labour, patriarchy, and labour market, are complemented by new ones like difference, diversity, representation, mobility, and identity. This conference aims to address this broad range of rural gender issues through multiple disciplinary and theoretical lenses.

Conference registration is limited and free of charge. Register now at