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Alberta Climate Dialogue: A New Citizen Deliberation Project, Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation

May 6, 2010

1:30-3:00 p.m. (EST)

Presented by the EC Consultations Community of Practice (CCOP), U.S. EPA Collaboration Network, and Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation (C2D2)

Hear from three key members of the Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) about this new citizen deliberation project and share your experience and ideas in a discussion on some of ABCD's key aims and challenges.

About ABCD: The project will engage thousands of citizens and stakeholders in climate change planning and action at the municipal and provincial levels, using tools of deliberative democracy. One of ABCD’s goals is to advance the field and build knowledge about citizen engagement on climate that can be used in other jurisdictions. In particular, the project explores how particular elements of deliberative design (e.g. recruitment goals and methods; duration, scale, and interactivity of citizen involvement; how citizen and stakeholder processes are combined within a particular jurisdiction) correlate with two key outcomes: (1) degree of influence on policy, and (2) degree of influence on participants' motivation and ability act individually and with others on climate issues.

Presenters: David Kahane (Department of Political Science, University of Alberta), Mary Pat MacKinnon (Ascentum and University of Ottawa) , John Parkins (Department of Rural Economy, University of Alberta)

ABCD presenters will circulate supporting materials for the conference call a few days before the event. We invite you to send us in advance (by end of day April 30) any topics or questions you would like the panel to address.

Call in number: 1-866-299-3188 (Conference Code: 202-566-2196)

Attend as a group in the National Capital Region at Place Vincent Massey, room 807

RSVP: To give us an idea of the number of participants from Canada, we would ask that you please confirm your attendance by Friday, April 30 by contacting Kait Alkema at or (819) 953-6850.