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New Resource--Minding Our Bodies Online Toolkit

CMHA Ontario has launched an online Minding Our Bodies: Physical Activity for Mental Health toolkit for organizations seeking to create physical activity programs for people experiencing or recovering from serious mental illness. Developed for use by community mental health agencies, consumer/survivor initiatives, and any other organization working with individuals who have a mental illness, the toolkit can be adapted to an organization's setting, needs and interests.

The toolkit combines program planning information with the practical experience, not only of the six mental health organizations in Ontario that served as pilot sites, but also that of more than 140 individuals and organizations who contributed to an environmental scan. The toolkit's resource directory includes additional tools and templates to aid in program delivery. Over 30 existing physical activity programs in mental health care settings are listed in the online Program Directory.

Minding Our Bodies is an initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario, in partnership with Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, Nutrition Resource Centre, YMCA Ontario and York University's Faculty of Health, with support from the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion.

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