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Parks and Recreation Benefits Databank

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA) in partnership with the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association is pleased to announce that the new Benefits DataBank (formerly the Benefits Catalogue) is now available online at:

This living resource summarizes more than 700 pieces of  evidence that recreation and parks services really do make a difference.  Validation is provided for 49 benefits or outcome statements organized around the eight marketing messages listed below.

Recreation, parks, sport, arts, culture, and heritage:

   - are essential to personal health and well-being
   - provide the key to balanced human development
   - provide a foundation for quality of life
   - reduce self-destructive and anti-social behaviour
   - build strong families and healthy communities
   - reduce health care, social service and police/justice costs
   - are a significant economic generator
   - and green spaces are essential to environmental and ecological wellbeing, even survival

The intent is to provide you with an invaluable resource for policy development, planning, marketing, program/service development and/or evaluation.

The Databank is updated on a regular basis and Facts, Trends and Promising Practices are being added for each benefit statement, to help you make a case for expanding related programs and/or services. On the site you will also find information on how to use the Databank, blogs and much more.

In addition to working with academics across the nation, ARPA has engaged staff, contractors, the Lifestyle Information Network (LIN), provincial and territorial associations and others in this initiative. The online Benefits Databank was developed by Alberta Recreation and Parks Association through it’s ACE Communities initiative in trust for the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association

When using the DataBank, please keep in mind that you can contribute by alerting us to new research and promising practices that should be added - you will find links on the site to do this.