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Green Communities Canada Launches Provincial iCANwalk Campaign

iCANwalk is a multi-partner public engagement campaign to promote walking and community walkability across Ontario. The project aims to foster a culture for walking by providing community partners with tools and resources that can be used in combination with new or on-going environmental projects, community sustainability planning, physical activity strategies, community engagement initiatives, and other active transportation projects and events. Two key resources, the iCANwalk Pledge and the Walkability Checklist are now accessible through the website and ready for use.

The iCANwalk Pledge invites individuals to use active transportation, instead of traveling by car, for short trips over a 1 month period. Based on the pledge made, this interactive tool will calculate the savings in litres of gas, dollars, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Walkability Checklist uses four criteria to assess how walkable a community is. The checklist can be printed and taken on a neighbourhood walk, and as is also available as an on-line database to collect walkability data by public health unit region.

Visit today and take the pledge! Contact Kate Hall, Project Coordinator at for more information.