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RFA--Evaluating Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy Demonstration Projects, ECHO

Deadline October 11, 2010

Background:  In the Fall of 2010, Echo will embark on three community based initiatives in different parts of Ontario to support smoking cessation during and after pregnancy.  Echo is particularly concerned with supporting high risk communities in these projects.  It is anticipated that demonstration projects will reach pregnant women and provide smoking cessation interventions during and after pregnancy. Some project might provide interventions to assist mothers as well as all other people in their households to stop smoking.   The process and outcome evaluations will provide information that can be used to further refine of each of the projects.  The evaluation results will also be used to support a wider audience of policy makers, providers, and other stakeholders to support, adopt, and adapt these models for other communities in Ontario.

Application Deadline: October 11, 2010

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