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Online Resources Related to Feature 676

Use of Social Media for Health Promotion: An Overview of the Evidence-Webinar Preparation and Discussion

This event archive includes the following:

  • Building Smart Networks Through Network Weaving
  • New media and the Future of Public Service Advertising-Case Studies
  • The New Technology: The Consumer as Participant Rather Than Target Audience
  • New Media Cases in Public Health Communication and Marketing: The Promise and Potential
  • On Social Marketing and Social Change (Craig Lefebvre Blog)

Use of Social Media For Health Promotion

In October, 2008, THCU contracted Craig Lefebvre to facilitate a webinar on Use of Social Media for Health Promotion: An Overview of the Evidence. We recorded the webinar and posted the recordings on our website. Webcast topics include

  • Part 1: Our World vs. The Networked World
  • Part 2: Visualize the Social Network Connector, Maven & Salesman
  • Part 3: Tips for Application, Examples, Media Multiplexity
  • Parts 4, 5, 6: QA with Craig

THCU Resources for IHC

The Health Communication unit has collected a list of resources relating to interactive health communication.

Blog On Social Marketing and Social Change

Craig Lefebvre's blog provides "News and Views on Social Marketing and Social Change."

eHealth Promotion Betwork

This is a forum for health promotion practitioners to connect, share resources, and learn about health promotion research, practice and eHealth. 

Government 2.0 Best Practices

This wiki compiles a central list of current initiatives (and eventually "best practices") involving social media and government.

Common Craft - Explanations in Plain English

This site provides short videos explaining new technologies

Generation 2.0, A Practical Guide for Using New Media to Recruit, Organize, and Mobilize Young People

This 2008 guidebook provides successful and unsuccessful uses of social media to recruit, organize, and engage young people.