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Emergency Planning and Preparedness Conference, Ontario Hospital Association

Toronto, Ontario
December 9, 2010

Emergencies, both natural and human, involving mass casualties, can happen  anywhere and at anytime. Ontario’s hospitals are expected to respond to the health impacts of such emergencies. The OHA supports hospitals in their emergency planning through the Health Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (HEPAC). The OHA also participates in provincial committees, disseminating information, tools, and other resources to promote effective strategies that enhance hospitals’ emergency planning and management activities.

The G8/20 meeting this summer proved to be a platform for hospitals in the GTA and Huntsville to deploy and exercise their emergency preparedness plans. This conference provides an opportunity for hospitals and the provincial and local emergency response services to share the lessons learned from this event.

The OHA Emergency Preparedness Program is guided by the Health Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (HEPAC), which is comprised of 15 members from across the province and includes representation from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. With the advice of the Committee, the OHA aims to assist member hospitals with emergency preparedness activities in coordination with the health care system with provincial and municipal emergency response services.

This conference will highlight building resiliency in the health care system through collaboration with an emphasis on being proactive. Topics include

  • Beyond the times - The environment is shifting
  • The Future of Emergency Management in Canada: Defining the new road ahead
  • Vulnerable Population
  • Surge Capacity
  • Lessons Learned from the G8/20
  • Risk Communications during a Crisis

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