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Request a Consultation or Workshop from The Health Communication Unit


THCU consultants are available to help you with many kinds of health promotion challenges, such as:

  • setting policy priorities and developing policies in your community
  • program planning with an interdisciplinary team
  • reviewing an evaluation plan
  • applying the Ontario Public Health Foundational Standards and Guidance Documents to your work
  • choosing indicators of program success
  • creating a plan to apply for Healthy Communities and other funding
  • creating a brand and communication plan for your new partnership

Further details about our consultation services can be found at

Workshops and Webinars

Our team is available to work with you on health promotion challenges relating to our five core mandate areas:

  • Program Planning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Policy Development
  • Health Communication
  • Sustainability

A full list of topics is available at

For more information on the range of THCU services, please visit