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Build Your Organization’s Capacity for Evidence-Informed Practice

Book a TEIP Master Trainer Workshop from OPHA

TEIP Master Trainer Workshops are available January – April 30, 2011*

Master Trainer workshops are onsite train-the-trainer workshops to assist public health practitioners, managers and decision makers to:

  • Access field-tested tools, ongoing training and support
  • Meet the OPHS Foundational Standard requirements for program evaluation and knowledge exchange
  • Build organization capacity for evidence-informed practice

TEIP can conduct one or more workshops on the following evidence-informed practice tools:

  • Program Assessment
  • Program Evidence
  • Program Evaluation

Master Trainer workshop participants are eligible to receive up to 4 hours of evaluation consultation to develop program evaluation plans.  

For more information on TEIP and TEIP Tools visit

To arrange for TEIP Master Trainer workshops at your organization, please complete the Application Form at or contact Dayna Albert, TEIP Manager at

Workshops are sponsored by the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport and The CAPTURE Project.  Reimbursement for travel and materials is required.