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Web Designer & Curator / Social Network Manager, Canadian Harm Reduction Network

Toronto, Ontario
Deadline January 19, 2011

The Web Designer & Curator / Social Network Manager will (1) guide the Canadian Harm Reduction Network in upgrading our website and (2) develop and initiate a social networking strategy to build and mobilise community.

Note: this position could be shared by two people.

The purpose of the Website upgrade is to improve its functionality and increase accessibility and relevance - to make it the go-to place for information about harm reduction, especially in Canada - a place which will:

  • facilitate informed conversation and networking about harm reduction as an effective and just means of addressing drug use and drug policy
  • enhance the public knowledge of harm reduction
  • keep people informed about community events, activities, jobs, etc.
  • provide personal and program support for harm reductionists
  • undertake community mobilisation, when needed

The social networking strategy will focus on community building and knowledge transfer through YouTube, Twitter, Blogs Facebook Fanpages, etc.

Responsibilities - Website:

  • To address and correct functional errors in the current Website and assist in updating current information on web pages (Immediate)
  • To design and build a new Website for the Canadian Harm Reduction Network in consultation with the Network's Director and to ensure that it is visually effective, easy to use, and logical, with consistency from page to page
  • To advise the Director on the categories and information needed to construct the site
  • To design draft pages for Director’s approval or modification
  • To build the Website using the appropriate technologies that conform to international standards, testing it on different systems to make sure it is universally accessible
  • To upload the Website onto the Internet and ensure that it is operating without problems
  • To provide instruction to the Director/staff on how to maintain the Website and to prepare an operational manual so that the Director can keep information on the Website up to date
  • To advise and recommend on directions to pursue in employing new technologies
  • To provide ongoing support/consultation on the maintenance of the Website

Responsibilities - Social Networking:

  • To work with the Director to develop and implement a social networking strategy
  • To advise on web hosting, mail server, mailing programs, etc.

Responsibilities - Ongoing:

  • To train current staff to update material on the website as required, for 12 months.
  • To provide technical support on an ongoing basis, and upgrading as required, for 12 months.


  • In-depth knowledge of current web-design trends and techniques
  • Proven skill in designing and creating effective websites in a combination of codes such as hypertext mark-up language (HTML)
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, Flash, etc., and other programs necessary for the design of an up-to-date website
  • Advanced knowledge of digital imaging and illustration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Knowledge of different web browsers, web standards, and cross-platform design issues
  • Experience with PHP scripting
  • In-depth knowledge of and proven experience in social networking and Internet communication technology for building and mobilising community
  • Ability to work with volunteers and to train others
  • A flexible attitude and proven experience of working in a small team and with a restricted budget
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
  • Ideally, the candidate for this position will be aware of and supportive of harm reduction, have some knowledge about drug policy and be committed to positive change in this area.

Compensation:  This is a paid position, but funding is limited.

Please send your résumé, references and links to samples of your work to:

Walter Cavalieri
The Canadian Harm Reduction Network

Competition closes 19 January 2010

Please do not phone.

The Canadian Harm Reduction Network (CHRN) was founded in 2000, with a grant from the Drug Policy Foundation in the USA., with the aim of developing in Canada a network of harm reduction workers, agencies, organisations, individuals and groups of individuals, including people with current drug- use experience, for the purpose of exchanging information and providing mutual support. Our full statement of goals can be read on our home page:

This current project is supported by a grant from the MAC AIDS Fund.