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New Resource--Smoking and Quitting: Clean Air for All, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Smoking and Quitting: Clean Air for All is a storybook, Illustrated by Joe Weissmann, for children in Grades 1-5 that addresses common concerns kids have when people they know and love smoke cigarettes. Funded by Health Canada, it is available in English and French and has been distributed to every elementary school and public library across the country during National Non-Smoking Week in January 2011.  

Smoking and Quitting: Clean Air for All is an educational resource that helps open a dialogue about smoking between teachers, parents, other caregivers, family members and children. Anti-smoking messages to children in schools and via media outlets are important, but can cause confusion and concern for kids, especially if parents, caregivers, other family members and people they admire smoke. This book is intended to address those concerns as well as to give children some strategies for protecting themselves from second-hand smoke. Please also note that this book has been awarded Curriculum Services Canada’s CSC Seal of Quality.

Some suggested uses of the book include:

  • Integrating the book into elementary school curricula through a classroom or library reading circle and facilitated discussion
  • As a starting point for a collaborative school group project about smoking risks, consequences and prevention strategies for students
  • For parents, caregivers or other family members to read and discuss with children
  • For a child to read on her or his own, then discuss
  • For adults or older children to read independently.

Ordering information

  • ISBN 978-1-77052-520-7, 32 pages, full-colour illustrations, paperback, published 2011, product code P5609
  • available as a free PDF at
  • limited quantity available free of charge, please note: a shipping charge will be applied to cover costs:
    • flat rate of $3.00 total for one or two books  
    • flat rate of $6.00 total for 3–10 books
    • 11 or more—please contact for the applicable rate.

We hope that you will find this new resource useful and informative.

Please promote it to your colleagues and contacts. For more information, please e-mail