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Online Training sessions in February 2011, Program Training and Consultation Centre

February 2011

The Program Training and Consultation Centre would like to inform you of some exciting new online training sessions we have in effect this month. Please find our course synopsis below.

PTCC training sessions are free and geared toward public health department staff, and staff and/or volunteers of community partner agencies or those involved in coordinating tobacco-free sport and recreational partnerships, education, and policy development activities.

Orientation to Comprehensive Tobacco Control in Ontario:
February 22
10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Learn about the historical development of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy and program and policy components at multiple levels. Principles and evidence upon which comprehensive tobacco control strategies are founded will be explained and will draw upon the experience in Ontario and other leading jurisdictions.

Social Media Special Topics: Social Media Strategy Development
February 25
10:00 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
This webinar will explore how to develop a successful social media strategy in a public health setting and how to use social media strategically to affect policy change. This webinar will feature points of engagement in your social media campaign,
Strategy and Tactics, Implementation: Issues and Challenges, and Case Examples: ParticipACTION and CDC.  By the end of this webinar, participants should have a stronger understanding of how to develop a social media campaign strategy and how to incorporate social media strategically as a component of a larger campaign.

To register or to find more information about our free online training sessions, click on our online calendar below and select your training of choice: