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RFP--Improving Access to Mental Health Assessment and Consultation Services for the Francophone Population of the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network

Guelph, Ontario
Deadline March 11, 2011

Request for Proposals

(For the detailed version of this RFP, contact Christine Gilles at

This call for proposal seeks a candidate to undertake a process and impact evaluation of a unique program to provide French language mental health services to the Francophone population of Waterloo – Wellington.


The healthcare system of Waterloo-Wellington is planned, coordinated, integrated and funded by the Waterloo–Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN).  Recognizing the need to improve access to French language mental health service, the WWLHIN successfully applied for a grant under the Healthy Francophone and Acadian Communities Call for Proposals 2010-2013.

Trellis Mental Health & Developmental Services, at the request of the WWLHIN, has agreed to be the recipient of the grant.  Trellis is a provider of community based mental health and developmental services for children, adolescents, adults and seniors, and has satellite offices located across Waterloo-Wellington.  

The primary goal is to provide access to mental health services, in French, to Francophone residents of the WWLHIN using the telemedicine services of OTN.

Scope of the Evaluation

The desired objectives of this evaluation are to:

  1. Determine  how successfully the telemedicine initiative was implemented (process evaluation);
  2. Identify the impact (accessibility, relevance, value, appropriateness) of the service on clients accessing the service, referral sources, psychiatrists and key stakeholders such as the WWLHIN francophone community (impact evaluation);
  3. Identify key factors, both positive and negative, which affected the implementation of the service and its impact on clients, referring sources, psychiatrists and stakeholders;
  4. Provide recommendations to inform the successful implementation of future health promotion programs specific to the Francophone community (specific or not to Mental Health).

Proposal Requirements

Candidates are asked to submit a proposal that includes the following components:

  1. An evaluation framework:
    • The context and the objectives of the evaluation;
    • The method for developing a program logic model;
    • A clearly articulated list of evaluation questions;
    • A proposed methodology for the collection of required data;
    • A detailed work plan consistent with the deadlines and deliverables described in Table 1 presented in the detailed version of this request for proposals.
  2. A budget:
    • A detailed budget broken down according to key tasks and time allotted to each task (in days). The maximum budget available is $18,000.
  3. Qualifications:
    • Biography or CV of all team members;
    • An  example of a similar evaluation (process, impact) project undertaken by the candidate;
    • Two references from previous evaluation work. .


The contract will commence on March 30, 2011 and end on December 7, 2012.  


The successful candidate will;

  • Possess extensive experience in program evaluation;
  • Be fluently bilingual (French/ English);
  • Be knowledgeable about healthcare services and systems including mental health
  • Be familiar with the unique challenges faced by the  Francophone community in accessing healthcare;
  • Possess sound analytical and evaluation skills, both in quantitative and qualitative approaches;
  • Strong presentation and report writing skills.

Proposal Format and Submission Information

All proposals must be submitted in writing and forwarded to Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services by 4:00 p.m. March 11th, 2011. Late proposal will not be considered.

Preference is for proposals to be emailed to:

Christine Gilles
French Language Telemedicine Coordinator for Mental Health
147 Delhi St., Guelph, ON, N1E 4J3
T: (519) 821 8089 ext. 344
C: 1 519 823 6518
F: (519) 767 5309