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New From NCCHPP--A Method for Synthesizing Knowledge to Inform Policy Making

The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) has developed a method for synthesizing knowledge about public policies, which may be of interest to public health actors who are expected to provide comprehensive and contextualized evidence in order to inform policy making.

This method is designed to document the effectiveness of public policies, as well as their unintended effects, equity-related issues, and issues related to their implementation (costs, feasibility, acceptability). The process involves constructing logic models, reviewing the scientific and grey literatures and organizing deliberative processes to gather contextual information in view of local implementation of the policy under study.

The core document is a guide incorporating questions to ask oneself, practical advice, and several tools for facilitating data collection and synthesis. We have also published, as an applied example, a synthesis produced using this method (synthesis of knowledge on public policies on nutrition labelling).

All of these documents are available (in long and in summary versions) on the NCCHPP’s website, in English ( and in French (
If you have questions about this knowledge synthesis method, the NCCHPP will be at the Ontario Public Health Convention on April 6 and 7 in Toronto ( Come visit our exhibition booth to talk with one of the method’s developers and to learn about our other projects.