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Ontario’s Francophones and Public Health, Ontario Public Health Convention 2011

Toronto, Ontario
April 8, 2011

Two sessions about public health and the Francophone minority in Ontario will be presented at The Ontario Public Health Convention 2011.

The morning session, "Exchanging Evidence and Ideas to Improve the Health of Francophone Communities in Ontario," will be in English.  The goal of this panel discussion is to increase access to and awareness of evidence and data that demonstrates the unique social and health status characteristics of Francophone communities across Ontario for use by Health Units to plan for, deliver, and evaluate French-language services and programs. Representatives from the following organizations will present existing and emerging evidence and data on the health status and needs of Francophone communities in Ontario: Resources, Research, Evaluation and Development Division of the Sudbury & District Health Unit; Réseau de Recherche Appliquée sur la Santé de Francophone de l’Ontario; and, Consortium National de Formation en Santé.

The afternoon session, "Exchanging Ideas to Improve the Practice of Delivering French Languague Services in Public Health," will be in French.

This is a unique opportunity to learn more and create a dialogue on the subject of public health and Francophones in Ontario.
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