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FIAA/ iSchool Bertha Bassam Lecture: Cultural Institutions and Cultural Courage

Toronto, Ontario
April 14, 2011

7:00-9:00 pm (talk and reception)

Where: Koffler House/Multi-Faith Centre, Room 108, 569 Spadina Avenue, Toronto

Consider joining in a different kind of conversation in health promotion – with cultural institutions that capture our ideas, history, and experiences - in a critical analysis of our present and future.  Spend a couple of hoursi n lively conversation..

Part of living in a democracy is to be challenged, and to respond, and to live up to our responsibility to learn from what we think and feel. If we wish to be citizens, that courage is what our destiny requires; we also will want to live up to it. To be instrumental in the construction of thoughtful lives, cultural institutions such as libraries and museums and their people require engaged public conversations devoted to building critical awareness of the continuing evolution of the human context. When a cultural institution invites its users to bring original experiences and questions to each other, it recognizes the truths that we are never finished becoming, and that we need to speak to each other. This invitation is also an expression of respect and anticipation. A cultural institution that invites its people has begun to create lifelines, ways to rescue and inspire literacy, identity and confluence.

Dr. Carr is a Consultant at Conversations in Cultural Institutions. Formerly an Associate Professor at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Carr taught about libraries, information and culture, museums, collections and reading. His interests include lifelong learning and the cultural institutions that encourage it.

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Cost: No charge – everyone is welcome, but RSVP by April 13 to

Hosted by the Faculty of Information Alumni Association of University of Toronto