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Project Coordinator/Knowledge Broker, Ontario Coalition of Research Institutes/Centres on Health and Aging (ORC)

Ottawa, Ontario
No deadline noted

The Consultant shall perform the following duties and responsibilities associated with the role of ORC Project Coordinator/Knowledge Broker:

In collaboration with the ORC Chair, ORC Steering Committee, and the SHRTN Office, the Consultant shall provide the following to implement initiatives and activities:

  • Develop and implement strategies, work plans and budgets.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the Coalition; including special events, funding calls, meeting coordination, budget control, contract management, etc.
  • Enable connections among scientists, policy makers and practitioners.
  • Assist in preparation of applications for research funding that involve researchers in more than one ORC member organization  
  • Use SHRTN’s broad umbrella of Communities of Practice to increase awareness about areas of expertise and research of researchers in the ORC member organizations.  Coordinate a webinar series, in conjunction with the Communities of Practice highlighting opportunities for researcher, policy maker, practitioner collaboration and knowledge exchange
  • Update SHRTN and AKE Knowledge Brokers about the work of researchers in the ORC member organizations.
  • Develop knowledge transfer and exchange strategies that will identify:
    • Target audiences in the community of interest: change champions, opinion leaders, clinicians, service provider organizations, the research community, regulatory bodies, policy makers and professional associations representing care of seniors in the long-term care setting and in the community.
    • Key messages from research evidence relevant to the audience.
    • Appropriate mechanisms for interaction.
    • Materials/tools/mechanisms to be developed to support evidence-based care of seniors.
  • Work with the members of the ORC, SHRTN and the AKE to undertake the following:

1.Networking and Communication

  • Identify or create, maintain and enhance communication channels within and between the ORC member Institutes/Centres
  • Identify or create, maintain and enhance communication channels with members of SHRTN Communities of Practice and wider seniors health community
  • Participate in weekly meetings with the ORC Chair
  • Prepare with the ORC Chair the agenda and prepare the minutes for the monthly ORC Steering Committee meetings
  • Participate in the quarterly in person meetings of the Knowledge Brokers and Information Specialists
  • Participate in bi-monthly joint meetings of the CoP leads, Knowledge Brokers, Information Specialists and SHRTN Management teams
  • Participate in the planning of the SHRTN Collaborative Annual Assembly
  • Participate in the SHRTN Collaborative Annual Assembly

2. Promotion

  • Promote initiatives of the ORC to key stakeholders throughout Ontario using at a minimum the website

3. Awareness of Evidence-based Care for Seniors

  • Work with Communities of Practice and other interested stakeholders to identify research that informs care for seniors and gaps in knowledge about care processes

4. Facilitation

  • Plan and facilitate meetings and other ORC events – using different formats and technologies, including face-to-face, teleconference calls, video-conferencing and e-meetings using Adobe Acrobat Connect

5. Evaluation

  • Work with the SHRTN Collaborative evaluators, the CoP leaders and the SHRTN office to establish and implement evaluation plans
  • Participate as the ORC representative on the SHRTN Evaluation Advisory Group (SEAG)

Please send applications by email to:

Briana Seguin
Junior Assistant
SENIORS Health Research Transfer Network (SHRTN)
730D - 43 Bruyere Street
Ottawa ON  K1N 5C8
Tel: 613.562.6393

For more details, please visit the SHRTN website at