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New Resources-Ontario Public Health Association's Youth Engagement Project

In February 2009, the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) welcomed a new Youth Engagement (YE) project funded by Health Canada. The goal of this project was to increase the application of knowledge and skills among health promotion professionals working with grades 6, 7 and 8 students to increase youth engagement in activities that enhance protective factors and resiliency against illicit drug use and risk-taking behaviours.

OPHA engaged six pilot sites to work with and develop helpful tools and resources. These tools and resources are meant for organizations to use when working with youth.  As the project’s pilot sites begin to wrap up their work with OPHA and start to work on sustaining their programs, OPHA is disseminating the lessons learned and the great resources that have been developed.

OPHA would like to share these exciting opportunities and resources:

  1. For those planning on starting youth engagement or those already engaging youth, OPHA’s in-person interactive workshops will offer professional development opportunities to help prepare and move you forward in working with youth. Please note: Three of our six workshops have reached capacity. Register now as space is limited.  Learn more about the YE workshop schedule and registration details:
  2. For those interested in learning more about the Youth Engagement Project we recommend you visit our YE website ( which follows the step-by-step process of the OPHA youth engagement project while providing many valuable resources including:
    1. A Project Lead’s Guide to Planning, Implementing, & Sustaining Youth Engagement Programming – also available en Français
    2. OPHA’s Youth Engagement Toolkit: Working with Middle School Students to Enhance Protective Factors & Resiliency – French Version Coming Soon!
    3. A Research Report and Recommendations for OPHA to Support Public Health Staff to Enhance Protective Factors, Increase Resiliency, and Reduce Illicit Drug Use with Students in Grades 6-8 in Ontario
    4. The OPHA Youth Engagement Project’s Pilot Site Sharing
    5. OPHA’s Evaluation Tools – Coming Soon!

If you have any questions regarding the youth engagement project, please feel free to contact us.