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Strategizing Towards a Resilient Community, Waterloo Mayor’s Forum Series on Building Resilient Communities

Waterloo, Ontario
May 7, 2011

You’re invited to join in the Mayor's Forum Series on Building Resilient Communities, an initiative hosted by City of Waterloo Mayor Brenda Halloran and TransitionKW, our local Transition Town initiative, along with other partners.

This is a participatory event, and we are the resources in the room. In this rich web of conversations, we can begin to find one another; to hear the experience, the ideas, the needs, and the resources of another; and to strategize across sectors of concern and knowledge, levels of current involvement, and the gulf of busyness that separates people working on away in their individual organizations and activities.
We will use these collaborative forms to unlock the resources in the room and in the community so we can begin to look together at questions like:

  • How can forum participants from many diverse areas of community interest and activity work together to assist and empower one another effectively in all the various areas of our concern and caring?
  • What needs to happen to ensure that ‘we’ – the community as a whole – really understand the collective values and needs of the entire community?
  • How do we understand the likely uncertain nature of the future we face?
    • What common goals do we focus our energies on that are most likely to generate in our communities the qualities of life that we all value most highly in living together, and
    • at the same time will give us the greatest or best buffers against threats, risk, change or shocks?
  • How, when we know our goals, can we develop strategies wise, smart, and powerful enough to serve our visions of community – Waterloo or any other –  resilient around common values, in light of the future?
  • How as a community can we close the gap between what we say we value and what we actually do?

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