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Network Manager and Senior Planner, Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Network

Ottawa, Ontario
Deadline May 31, 2011

Type: Full-time, 15 to 20-month contract position (with possibility of extension)
Salary: $68,000 - $80,000 (commensurate with experience)
Start Date: June 2011 or September 2011
Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Network

The Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Network (CCPN) is a group of health and community partners dedicated to the development of an integrated system of excellence in CVD prevention for Champlain District that acts as a model for Ontario and Canada.  The CCPN was created in November 2005 following a one-year strategic planning process.  The Network has been providing leadership to the implementation of a 5-year strategic plan aimed at reducing the burden of CVD and its associated risk factors in the Champlain District. The 2011-2012 fiscal year marks the 5th year of this strategy. The CCPN will begin a new planning cycle this fall to redesign the network, create a revitalized vision and priorities. This will include business planning and operational planning for the network’s activities beginning in 2013.
University of Ottawa Heart Institute   

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) is Canada's largest and foremost cardiovascular health centre dedicated to understanding, treating and preventing heart disease.  We serve the local, national and international community through cross-disciplinary cardiac caring, teaching and discovering, while placing the highest priority on the improved detection, management and prevention of cardiovascular disease. The UOHI houses the CCPN Project Management Team, allowing the Network to benefit from an existing human resource and financial infrastructure.  

Profile of the Network Manager and Senior Planner

Reporting to the CCPN Program Director the Network Manager and Senior Planner will be responsible for two portfolios. The first is overall network management including a lead role in the CCPN strategy development for 2013, business planning, and development of operating and performance management plans and overseeing implementation of CCPN finances and priority initiatives. The Network Manager and Senior Planner will also take a lead role for working on the knowledge translation arm of the network’s activities including with funders and partner organizations on planning for initiatives delivered in health care organizations.

The Network Manager and Senior Planner will be a dynamic health professional and communicator.  The ideal candidate will have a strong background in health planning, business planning, as well as partner and government relations. The candidate will have a solid grounding in chronic disease prevention and management principals. The Network Manager will possess strong leadership skills and a clear understanding of the network’s mandate and be actively prepared to support the network in its next phase of work as a provincial and national model.  

Key Responsibilities:

Network Manager

  • Working closely with the CCPN leadership team and Program Director the Network Manager and Senior Planner will:
  • Serve as a key member of the CCPN Project Management team;
  • Serve as an expert resource to CCPN Board, Program Director, and partners;
  • Support strategic and business planning activities of the network for 2013-2018.
  • Responsible for development of network annual operating plans;
  • Support the preparation of funding proposal to government, partner agencies, and other funding agencies;  
  • Responsible for performance management activities of the network;
  • Preparation of financial reports for network and funders;
  • Liaise with leaders from 15 partner organizations to support planning activities;
  • Lead the development of best practice scans to assist with CCPN planning activities;
  • Support CCPN communications activities including involvement in annual report preparation, partner communications and public relations activities.

Senior Planner – Knowledge Translation

  • Lead planner for the CCPNs knowledge translation and health care organization initiatives.
  • Support expert panels and priority initiatives in primary care, hospital, and community health care organizations.   


  • Master’s degree in health administration, health policy, or other related discipline.
  • Strong communication and leadership skills.
  • Previous experience in business planning and proposal writing.
  • Previous experience in health care planning, management within health care organizations.
  • Strong background in chronic disease prevention and management principals, frameworks, and best practices.
  • Understanding of performance management and/or indicator development;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of evaluation designs for population-level interventions;
  • Previous experience in government relations activities.
  • Superior problem solving analytic skills.


  • Ph.D. degree in health related discipline;
  • Previous experience in network management and/or management of community based organizations;
  • Strong background in cardiovascular disease prevention and management and/or public health;
  • Clinical background is considered an asset.
  • Bilingualism is an asset.

Qualified candidates can submit a cover letter and CV to:

Anupreet Sandhu, Human Resources Coordinator

Deadline: May 31, 2011 or until it is filled