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Call for Presentations--Early Years Conference 2012

Deadline May 31, 2011

Our early relationships and experiences shapeall aspects of physical and mental health, and are pivotal to who we become and how we function throughout life. We naturally strive forward. The behaviour of young children is meaningful, and understanding this concept is vital for all involved with children. This conference will stimulate dialogue, reflection, a deeper understanding of a child’s total development as rooted in their earliest relationships, and may revolutionize our approaches and practices with young children, their families, and their communities.

February 2-4, 2012
Vancouver, British Columbia

Conference Objectives:

  • To understand global development of children (birth to six years), and how it progresses through their early relationships and experiences
  • To promote focused dialogue among individuals and groups who support early child development and learning
  • To showcase exemplary approaches that support healthy early childhood social emotional development
  • To learn how to apply the understanding of child development to practice and development strategies

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