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Towards Evidence-Informed Practice Now Available in French

With thanks to the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Towards Evidence-Informed Practice (TEIP) program is pleased to announce the release of TEIP’s capacity-building tools for evidence-informed practice en français. 

  • Outil d'estimation des programmes
  • L'outil fondé sur des données probantes pour les programmes TEIP
  • L'outil d'évaluation des programmes TEIP

The tools are available on the TEIP website in the Tools section:


Towards Evidence-Informed Practice (TEIP) a program of the Ontario Public Health Association, offers a set of three capacity-building tools which fulfill many of the Foundational Standard requirements for Program Evaluation, Evidence Informed Decision Making and Knowledge Exchange.   TEIP Program Assessment, Program Evidence and Program Evaluation Tools are applicable to a wide range of public health initiatives.  

TEIP tools were developed specifically for public health practitioners under the direction of a stellar advisory committee of public health researchers, evaluators and front-line practitioners.  The tools were pilot-tested in public health settings and revised to ensure their relevance and practicality.  

To learn more about the TEIP tool in general, please visit the Tools Section of the TEIP website:

Interested in learning more about TEIP Tools or receiving TEIP support to implement TEIP Tools in your organization?  Contact Dayna Albert, TEIP Manager at the Ontario Public Health Association, 416-367-3313 X 268 or