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STOP Program Opportunity for Ontario Smokers

Smokers from across Ontario once again have the opportunity to enroll in the STOP Program and receive nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), free of charge to help them in their attempt to quit smoking. In order to enroll, interested individuals will have to visit the STOP website, and simply follow the instructions. They will be required to read the consent form, provide their consent and complete a baseline questionnaire online. If they are deemed eligible they will be mailed 5 weeks of NRT to their mailing address (patches + gum and/or lozenges).

Follow-ups will be conducted via email; so, participants will be required to enter a valid email address when completing the baseline questionnaire.
Approximately 3000 participants will be enrolled in this implementation of STOP. Based on past experience we anticipate that it will take about a month to reach that target. Please share this opportunity with your patients/clients, your network of colleagues and the PHUs in your respective areas.  
On behalf of our entire team at the STOP Program, thank you for your continued support toward the success of this initiative.