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New Resource--A Farewell to Featherwagons, its Air Quality Education and Awareness Program, Halton Region

The Halton Region Health Department launched a new resource on Clean Air Day, June 8th (as part of Environment Week).

The Region just published a children's picture book as part of its Air Quality Education and Awareness program. A Farewell to Featherwagons is an illustrated children’s picture book (for ages 4 - 8) that introduces issues associated with air quality and climate change. The book includes facts on Barn Owls, air quality, and climate change, in addition to 3 story-related "seek and find" activities, plus tips on how to make a difference. There is a comprehensive Storytelling Kit to accompany the book. The book was developed by a team of air quality, climate change, physical activity, raptor, and literacy experts!

What is the book about?

The story is about Biff, a Barn Owl who loves to go to the Great Lake with his brother Tyto and sister Alba-Alba. When their efforts to get there are spoiled by traffic, bad air, and bad storms, the owls begin to think about how their "featherwagon" contributes to air pollution and climate change. They quickly discover a better way to get to the Lake—using their wings to fly.

Over the next few months, copies of the book along with the Storytelling Kit, will be provided to public libraries in Halton as well as child care centres, community resource centres, and all elementary schools. Distribution is planned for Fall 2011, however everything is available online now.

To view the e-book and storytelling kit, visit