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RFP--Community Research, Healthy Communities Partnership: Lanark, Leeds and Grenville

Smiths Falls, Ontario
Deadline August 12, 2011

RFP for Community Research


The Healthy Communities Partnership: Lanark, Leeds and Grenville (HCP: LLG) requires research assistance for the development, adoption and implementation of public policy to support healthy communities in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville. The focus will be on:

  • A Healthy Communities Charter
  • Mental Well Being and Resiliency
  • Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation.

This work will be directed by HCP: LLG Stewardship Group and will take place between September 6, 2011 and January 13, 2012. The community researcher will work closely with and under the immediate direction of the HCP: LLG coordinator.

Expectations of Community Researcher:

Healthy Communities Charter:

  • Compile an inventory of existing healthy community charters and evidence- based recommended practices related to the charters.
  • Assist in the identification of Healthy Community indicators for Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville municipalities.
  • Assist in the development of a Healthy Community Charter including an evaluation/recognition system (designation based on indicators).Create a tool with healthy community attributes to assist municipalities in establishing a baseline in the six priority areas of physical activity, sport and recreation, mental well being and resiliency, healthy eating, tobacco use/exposure, injury prevention, substance and alcohol misuse.
  • Provide resource materials to assist municipalities who wish to achieve these indications of Healthy Community status.
  • Assist in the promotion of the HC Charter including the development of tools/resources.

Mental Well Being and Resiliency:

  • Compile an inventory of existing programs and services in LLG.  
  • Provide a scan of current evidence- based recommended practices/policy options.
  • Provide resource materials.
  • Provide examples of current mental health charters.
  • Assist in the identification of specific policy objectives.

Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation:

  • Provide a scan of evidence- based recommended practices/policy options.
  • Provide resource materials related to the recommended practices/policy options.
  • Provide examples of current physical activity, sport and recreation charters.
  • Assist in the identification of specific policy objectives.

Weekly discussions with contact person to monitor progress and answer questions: September 6, 2011 to January 13, 2012.

Deliverables will be completed and made available to the HCP: LLG on an ongoing basis over the course of the contract.

Qualifications Forming Basis for Selection

  • Understanding of the Healthy Communities Program, an initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion & Sport
  • Successful past experience (at least 3-5 years) supporting similar projects and initiatives
  • Demonstrated excellent working relationships with diverse stakeholders, and community health planners with a focus on prevention and policy change
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Ability for rapid turn around
  • Attributes: Inclusive; collaborative and able to work in a team environment; flexible and impartial; excellent oral and writing skills.

Available Funding:

Proposals should not exceed $30,000 for the 4+month period including applicable taxes, with anticipated start of September 6, 2011 and completion by January 13, 2011.

The fees payable shall represent payment in full for all services.  There will be no deduction at source from this income.  No other payments will be made to the Contractor or on the Contractor’s behalf.  

Application Instructions:

Please send the following documents as part of the application:

  • Cover letter
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Hourly rate
  • Resumes of applicable personnel
  • Writing sample (preferably a final report from a previous facilitation/coordination project)
  • List of references
  • Written description of how your qualifications/experience fit with the project expectations, including rationale as to why you are qualified.

Please submit these documents electronically as a Word document or PDF format.  The HCP: LLG will maintain the confidentiality of the material submitted.  Facsimile or digital letters will be accepted, in Word or PDF format to:  

Lois Dewey, Coordinator of HCP: Lanark, Leeds & Grenville
25 Johnston St.
Smiths Falls ON K7A 0A4
Tel:(613) 283-2740 X 4240
Fax: (613) 283-1679

All questions regarding RFP can be emailed to Lois Dewey.

Application deadline: 4:30 p.m., Friday, August 12, 2011

Selection Process

A sub-committee of the HCP: LLG Stewardship Group will review proposals and select a community researcher based on qualifications. This may result in one or more candidates being selected.  

  • Proposals due: August 12, 2011
  • Presentation of proposals: August 16,2011
  • Decision-making and selection of successful applicant: August 16, 2011
  • Attend meeting with Healthy Community Partnership representatives to discuss expectations and ask questions: week of Sept. 6, 2011.

The Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit will oversee contract compliance and processing of payments for services.