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Easter Seals' Access 2 Entertainment (A2E) Card

Attention all health care practitioners! Do you know someone with a permanent disability who requires the support of an attendant while visiting movie theatres and other tourist attractions? Let them know about Easter Seals' Access 2 Entertainment (A2E) Card, a program which has served over  40,000 Canadians with disabilities.

The A2E card provides people with permanent disabilities who require the support of an attendant a way to take advantage of accessible entertainment opportunities while lessening the financial burden of having to pay for two admissions while visiting attractions. With the A2E card, people with disabilities who require assistance while visiting attractions can receive 1 free entry (or a
substantial discount) for their attendant while they themselves pay the regular price. For $20, people with disabilities and their chosen attendant can enjoy 5 years of unlimited visits to over 95% of movie theatres across Canada, and dozens of popular tourist attractions such as museums and art galleries.

If you work with people with disabilities, let them know about the card and how it could help them diminish the costs of leisure outings. Organizations working with Canadians with disabilities have also seen the benefits of applying on behalf of multiple clients, helping them provide more social outings while cutting the cost of such activities in half.

Check out for more information about the program, how to apply, and a list of participating venues. If you have any other inquiries, or would like to know how you could get free promotional materials to share information about the program to potential clients, contact us at or give us a call at 1-877-376-6362.