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Survey invitation - Active Canada 20/20

Survey invitation - Active Canada 20/20:  Have your say in shaping the future of a national physical activity strategy and change agenda for Canada!

Dear Colleague,

Active Canada 20/20, A Physical Activity Strategy and Change Agenda for Canada is the response to an urgent national need to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary living. Eighty-five percent of Canadian adults and 93% of Canadian children and youth do not achieve the minimum level of physical activity necessary to ensure long-term good health and well-being.

Active Canada 20/20 provides a clear vision and a change agenda to describe what Canada must do to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour, thereby reducing risk and achieving the many benefits of a society that is active and healthy. It demonstrates the actions that we must take to strengthen Canada, by making physical activity an important cultural trademark.

Active Canada 20/20 can impact every family in Canada. It is designed to engage decision makers and rally the collaborative, coordinated and consistent efforts of all stakeholders at every level to make a difference for the well-being and sustainability of our communities, our country, our social programs and, most importantly, our people.

The organizations and individuals representing key national stakeholders in physical activity, health promotion and sport who are members of ParticipACTION's three Advisory Groups prepared the Active Canada 20/20 draft strategy and change agenda.

We are now going out for broad online stakeholder consultation through this survey. Please feel free to circulate the survey to your colleagues and networks. The survey will be open from July 25-August 26, 2011. Several in-person consultations are planned at stakeholder conferences this fall.   A follow-up survey with an updated Active Canada 20/20 strategy will be circulated in early 2012 to solicit organizations' and Canadians' support, engagement and endorsement prior to a presentation of Active Canada 20/20 to Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers of Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR), Health and Education in April 2012.

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