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Toronto, Ontario
September 1, 2011

10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (includes light breakfast and fabulous lunch!)
Northern District Library 40 Orchard View Boulevard (close to Eglinton Station:

When policy gets built from the ground up, it becomes policylicious.
Policylicious is a playful way to begin the conversation about the painful reality that youth are fundamentally seen right now as either at-risk, criminal or should be nurtured by only their families. This thinking does not allow us to take responsibility as a whole society for making the transition into adulthood sane and safe. How we approach this thinking is called public policy. Public policy gives us a way to challenge current thinking and this gathering gives us an opportunity to have more of the conversation together.

As most in the sector know, the needs of youth and frontline workers are currently not understood or seen as important; and as a result, the sector is under constant attack. Funding is cut, youth spaces are closed, programs are shut down, and those who are hired to look out for the best interests of youth are in very unstable positions. This lack of understanding and support, and its resulting negative impact on youth and communities, is being severely underestimated.

The role frontline workers have in keeping youth and communities safe, sounding the alarm, and/or supporting communities to create viable alternatives is vital. People are already taking action in their own communities the best way they can, because they are losing their programs, spaces, and ability to support youth - especially the ones that need it most.

It is time for frontline workers and allies to create a broader movement for positive outcomes for youth and communities. It is time to come together to determine our collective criteria for what success looks like in order to make strategic and significant impact.

Policylicious continues to build on connecting frontline workers and allies from all sectors who want to see a shift in how youth and their communities are being perceived/supported by the general public and public policy.

The goals of the day are to:

  • Allow frontline workers to get a better understanding of how policy is created, changed, and how it links back to what they are directly witnessing and working with on the ground
  • Showcase the amazing work of groups who are already taking action (often in isolation) and connect them to others who are interested in/doing the work
  • Begin to identify shared criteria for how we as a society respond to youth and the people who work with them as well as connect the work of individuals and groups to this broader shared vision

Ultimately, this gathering is a place for connecting, planning, learning and building momentum for meaningful change. It is not the first and will not be the last. FPYN is committed to supporting frontline workers and their efforts to care for youth and their communities.

Fee: $11.00 (including HST) – Register here:

(If you don’t have a credit card, please email to make other arrangements. For all frontline workers, if the fee is a barrier, please email us at and we be more than happy to waive your fee.)

Want to Help out? Please contact for volunteer opportunities.

Can’t come but want to be in the loop? (This event is on the first day of Eid. We apologize to our Muslim friends who are not able to attend on this day. ) Please contact Clarissa at

Sponsored by FPYN (project of Tides Canada), Laidlaw Foundation, Schools Without Borders, Trillium Foundation, Centre for Social Innovation