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THCU’s Evaluation Interactive Webinar

September 13, 2011

10:30-11:30 a.m.

Presenter: Susan Snelling

This webinar provides an opportunity to ask in-depth questions about evaluation, and to explore specifics of the THCU 10 step model.  The webinar is interactive, so the agenda will be set by participants at the beginning of the session.  Come prepared with questions, issues, challenges and success stories!  Your webinar leader will engage participants in discussion, questions, dialogue, and maybe some unexpected moments!  To close, we will identify quality sources for more information, tools and describe THCU's customized consultation services.

This is an interactive, skill building webinar. It will focus on participant questions and time for group reflection and dialogue. Please be prepared to participate and bring forward items for discussion as we build our agenda together. If you plan to attend the Evaluation At A Glance webinar on the previous day, you can suggest agenda topics then, and we’ll get some materials ready for this Interactive session.

Who should attend?

The goal of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for health promotion practitioners to explore program evaluation in an interactive webinar with the agenda determined by the group and led by an experienced evaluator.  As such, we recommend these sessions for:

  • anyone new to health promotion or evaluation, seeking to understand the different aspects of evaluation.
  • front line staff who want to explore evaluation approaches with peers and an evaluation resource person.
  • managers or team leaders who want to explore evaluation options or address challenges.
  • anyone who wants to share evaluation successes and challenges with peers in health promotion. 


  1. Explore certain steps in THCU’s evaluation model.
  2. Take an opportunity to discuss evaluation, ask questions from an expert, and learn from peers.
  3. Reflect on your own evaluation experiences and needs.
  4. Know how to access THCU’s products and services to support your evaluations.

To register for this webinar, please visit