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News from The Healthy Aboriginal Network

Integrating gang youth back into their communities

  • Justice Canada funded Droppin' the Flag out of their Youth Justice Fund. Gang youth were interviewed to see what they think the story should be about. We took that feedback and created a focus group short, which we tested with them in Winnipeg and Calgary. In most screenings they said "don't change it at all. That's the way it is." Youth also asked for an explicit language version, for additional street cred. There are previews as well as a free full length French pdf on our website at Pricing as well. Orders may be made by emailing your address and the number of books you want to Don't forget to distinguish between the "school" and explicit versions, please.

Comic Books

  • Check out the other visual resources for youth on health and social issues we have in stock at
    • Suicide awareness
    • Sports / gang awareness
    • Smoking prevention
    • Living with FASD - comic book and DVD
    • Youth in care