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Plenary Sessions Announced for National Research Data Centres Conference

Two plenary sessions have been added to the program for the upcoming 2011 National Research Data Centre Network Conference that the University of Alberta Research Data Centre is hosting in Edmonton on October 4-5, 2011 at Sutton Place Hotel.

The 2011 conference, "Canada Coming of Age: The Policy Impact of an Aging Population," is focused on research addressing the impact of an aging society and its policy implications .Population aging presents one of the most profound social challenges of our time, especially when considered in the context of other social, economic and demographic trends. Collectively these trends have crucial implications for social, economic and health policy and practice, as well as for intergenerational relationships and the well-being of aging adults themselves. Apocalyptic rhetoric about the “silver tsunami” and entrenched views of older adults as dependent are rampant, yet are they rarely challenged. This annual conference is an opportunity for researchers and policy makers to meet and discuss the latest research findings on policy-relevant topics and emerging policy issues in specific areas.  

Dr, Susan McDaniel will present the keynote plenary session focusing on the topic of Population Aging, Health and Health Policy.

More details about the conference and registration information are available online at