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Online Resources Related to Feature 725

The Infopack Priority Setting Process Checklist can be found at

The Infopack Health Communication Outcomes: At the Heart of Good Outcome Objectives and Indicators can be found at

THCU’s Introduction to Health Promotion Program Planning
This resource provides a step-by-step guide to all stages of program planning.  The Priority Setting Process Checklist is most relevant to the first stage, project management, but priority setting may come into play at other planning stages as well.

THCU’s Online Health Program Planner
The OHPP can help with a step-by-step process for planning, including priority setting and involving stakeholders.

THCU’s Setting Priorities: Strategic Techniques for Groups – slideshow and link to audio
In this one-hour webinar, conducted on October 14, 2009, we introduced participants to four priority-setting techniques. For each technique, we explained how it works, gave an example, and discussed under what circumstances the technique will work best. In each case, links for more information were provided

THCU’s Priority-Setting: Four Methods for Getting to What’s Important (OHPE Feature 651)
This article, summarizing the information from the webinar noted above, was published in the Ontario Health Promotion Email bulletin (available on the THCU site at the link above and on the OHPE website at