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The Healthy Aboriginal Network comic book evaluations

The Healthy Aboriginal Network
Non-profit promotion of health, literacy & wellness

Good news this fine Fall morning:

Comic book evaluations

Two of HAN's comic books were recently evaluated by third party research groups - our as yet unreleased (outside of the Northwest Territories) sexual health comic book and our integrating gang youth back into society comic. The evaluations were positive, with constructive criticism on how we can improve our product, which was great.

Most of the good news we already knew - that our comic books fill a need, that they're culturally appropriate, that youth are impressed that we ask their opinion and that the focus group videos and final comic books hold youth's attention for a surprising length of time. But of particular interest to us was the recommendation that HAN switch our deliverable to a color animated short
rather than a comic book, as youth in the justice system connected more readily to content presented in a spoken, dynamic medium (due to perceived literacy issues). We've noticed this for some time with most of our audiences, and even though we still think that literacy is something worth teaching visually, we are encouraged by the recommendation.

If your organization has been thinking about funding a custom resource or you're interested in changing policy / curriculum within your organization, but were waiting to see if comics were an appropriate medium, please send an email to and I'll be happy to email you the evaluations.

We appreciate your time and support,

Sean Muir
Executive Director