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Funding for Nonprofits to work with graduate & post-doc students

Deadline: November 17, 2011

Limited Call: Not For Profit Collaboration in Ontario

Mitacs-Accelerate currently has funding for Accelerate internships with not-for-profit partners in Ontario. This offer is designed for graduates students or post-doctoral fellows enrolled at an Ontario university to undertake collaborative research projects with not-for-profit partners while developing professional skills to enhance their non-academic career opportunities. Valued at $15,000 over a period of 4 months, this program will support graduates students pursuing research including collaborative work with a not-for-profit partner. Research contributing directly to a thesis is preferred.

Current call deadline: November 17th, 2011
Projects must start by: January 2nd, 2012

Please note: the proposal should be written and submitted by the graduate student or post-doctoral fellow at least 6 weeks prior to the planned start date of the internship.

Mitacs Accelerate Internships are open to all graduate students or post-doctoral fellows enrolled at an Ontario university. All disciplines are welcome to participate. Eligible partners must be non-for-profit companies with operations in Ontario such as Provincially-funded agencies, hospitals, charitable organizations and foundations, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, and research organizations with a facility in Ontario. A contribution of $7500 from the not-for-profit partner is required. Partner contributions will be invoiced by, and must be sent directly to, Mitacs.

Proposal outline
A Mitacs-Accelerate application is comprised of the following documents:

  *   The proposal completed on the prepared template: and submitted electronically. Proposals should be written in plain language but should also include relevant technical detail.
  *   The Memorandum signed by all partners (the intern, academic supervisor, partner supervisor and a representative from the Office of Research Services).
  *   A current C.V. of the proposed intern (C.V. template is available if needed)

Proposal Submission
Please find the program guide, application procedures, as well as all the necessary proposal documents at:

Evaluation Procedure
All proposals will be initially reviewed by Mitacs to determine their suitability for funding. Proposals deemed suitable will be sent for external review. Decisions will be communicated to the applicant 6-8 weeks after the final date for submission.

For additional information or questions please contact us at