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2011 Call for Nominations to the C2D2 Board of Directors

Deadline November 25, 2011

Who are we?

The Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation’s vision is a democratic society in which institutions, practices and culture foster constructive dialogue and deliberation in which all people, regardless of income, position, background or education, are able to engage regularly in thoughtful and challenging conversations about what really matters to them in ways that have a positive impact on their lives, their communities and their world.

By fostering inclusion, participation, deliberative exchanges, understanding, shared meaning, search for common ground, and other best practices, the emerging field of dialogue and deliberation offers effective approaches to talk about and build collaborative action on the big and little issues of our times — whether at the local community level, or at the international level. All sectors of human activity — public, private, business, community, non-profit, academia — can benefit from applying these approaches and processes to engage and collaborate more effectively.

What’s involved?

We are looking to increase the membership of our Board to ensure that we have a broad diversity of experience and perspective to support – and to model - our vision. Each board member has a term of 2 years and can serve up to 3 terms. We are looking for people who will be actively involved in building the organization and the Canadian community. The minimum requirement for participation is a monthly board conference call, with the expectation that work above and beyond this will depend on the future agenda and personal interests.

For the full details on which skills, knowledge, experience and qualities are required as well as information on the nomination process, please visit