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New Resource--New Tool to Help Manage Workplace Hazards, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has developed an interactive, online tool to help organizations identify, and control common hazards found in the workplace.

OSH Essentials™ will provide practical information and resources to help managers, safety professionals, compliance officers, senior management and health and safety committee members recognize, assess and control hazards in the workplace.

Each tool includes checklists and guides to be used to review workplace activities identify potential and existing hazards, select from possible solutions, and created a final action plan.

OSH Essentials™ has ten topics to choose from including excessive noise; incorrect lighting levels; manual materials handling: musculoskeletal disorder prevention; slips and trips; working alone; and workplace violence. The online tool also provides information on relevant legislation by key sections, and suggested control measures to help mitigate workplace risks.

All content within OSH Essentials™ is developed and regularly reviewed by CCOHS' team of Technical Specialists.

More information about OSH Essentials™ is available on the CCOHS website at