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Social Media: How Hospitals Are Joining the Conversation, Ontario Hospital Association

Toronto, Ontario
December 08, 2011

The Sutton Place Hotel, 955 Bay Street

Patients complain about wait times on Facebook. Doctors live-tweet a delivery. Hospitals are expected to communicate on-line. Social Media is changing all communications. How is the health care industry managing this?

Many high profile health care organizations are using Social Media as a vehicle to engage their stakeholders; manage communication crises; illustrate transparency; communicate research findings; share leading practices and resources; and educate communities and staff.

Social Media is a powerful online communications tool for  organizations to engage in dialogue with various stakeholders and has the power to change and eliminate barriers in health care and to advance patient-centred care. However, it also has the ability to raise the profile of negative news and stories that can affect an organization’s reputation. Effectively utilizing and understanding these online communication resources is key to hospitals now and in the future.

Topics Include:

  • Roundtable discussions on how to develop a Social Media strategy for your organization
  • How to execute a Social Media strategy
  • How to use Social Media to increase participation in hospital events and fundraising
  • Social Media best practices and lessons learned

Conference Participants will Learn:

  • How to implement a successful, measurable and innovative Social Media strategy
  • How to use Social Media to create a two-way conversation and find out about the advantages and challenges
  • How to use Social Media for Crisis Communications
  • Hospital best practices in Social Media
  • How Social Media can support recruitment and retention efforts

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