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Communities of Practice: Creating, Managing, Sustaining, Knowledge Mobilization Works

Ottawa, Ontario
November 21, 2011 
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport, 2400 Alert Road

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly (E. Wenger).  This workshop will help you tap into the collective intelligence of your workplace.  Learn how to link together, clarify problems, and create solutions faster than ever before.  The workshop emphasizes practical solutions based on real people in real places trying to address difficult problems.

What will you learn?

Using a comprehensive participant workbook (provided) and expert facilitation, each participant will learn:

  • What is a community of practice and how are they used.
  • The major components of a community of practice.
  • The major elements of a community of practice strategy.
  • How to create a community of practice - based on case studies taken from a range of organizations.
  • How to manage a community of practice - tools and templates will be provided
  • How to sustain a community of practice, including common problems and solutions, training and issues of communication and culture.
  • How to identify and overcome barriers to a successful community of practice.
  • How to monitor and evaluate progress of the community of practice.

Who is this workshop for?

People involved in the management and delivery of knowledge based solution to complex problems in health, education, government, social services, business, and non-profit organizations.  This workshop is most useful for middle to senior decision makers who have the ability to make decision about the allocation of time and resources in their organizations.  It is also a helpful workshop for those involved in knowledge mobilization activities including: transfer, exchange, translation, publication, dissemination, and diffusion activities.

Who is delivering this workshop? 

This workshop is delivered by Knowledge Mobilization Works, a leader in developing human and organizational capacity to access and use knowledge to create added value. The facilitator will be Peter Levesque, President and CEO, who has over 10 years of experience working with individuals and organizations to increase return on human investment.

Event Fee: $295.00

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