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Prenatal Education Modules Now Available from the Best Start Resource Centre

The Best Start Resource Centre is very pleased to announce the release of a set of Prenatal Education Modules. This resource is intended to be used by Prenatal Educators working in Ontario who deliver face-to-face prenatal education sessions to the general population. There are a total of 11 modules covering the main topics of prenatal education, from prenatal care to newborn care, and including labour and delivery. Each module can be used independently, depending on your organizational mandate.

If you are interested in using these modules, please read the following:

  • There is no cost to download the modules but you must register online using your e-mail address. Your e-mail address becomes your login. This will enable us to send you an e-mail when updated modules are available.
  • The modules are only available in electronic form, in PDF format. You can use the PDF to show the slides in the same way that you use a PowerPoint presentation (select View – Full Screen mode). This has been done to preserve the integrity of the information.
  • There are 3 files per module, plus a Program Overview file. One file contains the slides – for projection, another file contains the notes – for printing. Another file is the module outline, indicating the objectives, suggested materials, references, activities, etc. The Program Overview will give you an understanding of the full program.
  • In all cases, you will probably want to save the PDFs to your computer for future use (select File - Save As). Since the files are fairly large, we encourage large organizations to download to their server using a single e-mail address and share through their network, if possible.
  • You will notice that, in many cases, the slides themselves contain very little text. All the information is contained in the notes. This was an instructional decision made early on by the Advisory Committee to avoid having the presenter simply repeat the text contained on the slides. It is expected that the prenatal educators presenting this information will use the visuals as reminders of the content and will use the notes in a story-like manner, and as reminders for specific details. Some prenatal educators may choose not to project the slides at all and may simply print the notes and use them to guide the presentation.
  • As you can imagine, this has been a very large endeavour and the Best Start Resource Centre would like to thank all the people who were involved in the development: Advisory Committee, Content Experts and Expert Reviewers. Please see the Program Overview for the full acknowledgements.
  • All links and references were accurate at the time of the final approval. Given the very large quantity of information and links, it is possible that some details have changed or will change in the next little while. Please let us know if that is the case.
  • Short webinars on the development process and the use of the modules will be available in the next few months and will be announced on the MNCHP listserv.
  • The French version is well underway and should be available by February.

You can access the modules at:


Louise Choquette

Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant

Best Start Resource Centre - Health Nexus


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