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Legal and Ethical Issues in End of Life: Making Appropriate Use of Intensive Care

Toronto, Ontario
February 23, 2012

The purpose of this conference is to develop proposals and suggestions for processes, tools and legislative frameworks to address the legal and ethical issues to make appropriate use of intensive care.

Decisions to provide or withhold life support are made every day across Canada. Yet, surprisingly until recently it was unclear who has a legal right to decide whether to withdraw life support. If substitute decision makers (SDMs) insist on life support that doctors consider
medically inappropriate, doctors face potential legal liability no matter what they do. If doctors insist on withholding treatment against the SDM's wishes, they violate the Health Care Consent Act. But, if doing so is medically inappropriate, a doctor continuing such treatment breaches the legal rights owed to the patient and the profession, even if the SDM insisted on continued life support.

This conference is targeted at Physicians, ICU staff, Intensivsts, Clinical Ethicists, Legal counsel, C-level, Board members, VPs, Senior Administrators, Clinical leaders, Management leaders, Chiefs of Medicine, Patient Relations and Religious Leaders.

This conference will examine these issues as well as the varying legal, ethical, clinical and administrative perspectives faced in End of Life Care.

For more information or to register now please visit http://www.oha./com/endoflife