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CSI Food Constellations Professional Development: "Speed Consulting" for the Good Food Sector

Toronto, Ontario
December 1, 2011 and February 2, 2012


720 Bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2R4


The Centre for Social Innovation's Food Constellation is pleased to invite you to participate in our first 'Speed Consulting' event designed to build capacity in what we are calling the Good Food sector. The Speed Consulting series is part of CSI's Food Constellations Professional Development cluster.

When? December 1 2011 & February 2 2012. Bi-monthly until June 2012.

What time? 2:00-5:00

Where? CSI Spadina, 215 Spadina Road

Who's Hosting? CSI Food Constellation

Fee? $75 CSI members; $100 external.

What's in it for consultants?

The good food sector is a growth industry. Witness the sellouts of the Toronto Underground Market, the blossoming of farmers markets across the city and the explosion of unique food innovations like The Depanneur on College Street (

Modeled on the speed dating idea, CSI Food Constellation Speed Consulting sessions offer consultants two unique opportunities:
(1) to promote their services to eager clients in a vibrant growth sector dedicated to healthy, local and tasty food;
(2) to learn and discover what clients in the Good Food sector need and are struggling with.

What's in it for people working in the Good Food Sector?

Those who work in the food sector are, with rare exception, brilliant bakers, caterers, researchers, market coordinators or farmers with food expertise but often limited business know-how. This event will provide assistance about where to access help and what kind of help is available/necessary for them to move forward and grow their enterprises within the Good Food Sector.

Variety is key

Our plan is to aim for a range of consultants so clients have a chance to speak with a variety of specialists and at the same time to plan for a range of clients so consultants can see a representative cross-section of entrepreneurs working in the Good Food sector.

Nuts and bolts

Each of the bi-monthly events includes ten consultants and ten clients. Each client will have seven minutes with each consultant, to learn about their value offer, how the consultant would charge and what the consultant could offer the client's business.

Seven minutes is not enough time for genuine consultation, but it is enough time to get a feel for each other and to discover whether or not there is a match both in terms of what the client is looking for and what the consultants can offer. There will also be time to network
after the consultations during a Post-Speed Consulting Reception.

Eligibility of consultants

We are looking for consultants who have a minimum of two years experience in their field. We are especially interested in participants who are keen to provide services for food related projects or to build on existing clientele in this sector.

Eligibility of those who work in the good food sector

We are looking for people working in the good food sector who have been in business/in project development for at least six months. If you're still trying to figure out what to do, then earmark this event for after you launch your business.

Any prep required?

Before the Speed Consulting event, we will furnish all participants with the bios and profiles of those they will be facing in the Speed Consulting round, allowing participants to prepare a bit in advance.

What happens post-speed consulting?

After the event, there will be an informal gathering, where people can talk and follow up on their interests. There will be an advisor to collect information about people's interests and their future plans in order for us to best follow up with all the participants.

Our job is then to help match those who work in the good food sector with the consultants, which can happen in a number of ways. Either a participant can hire a consultant, or those with similar interests can pool together to hire one consultant. Depending on demand, we will provide workshops for those interested in a certain field.

Interested? Ready to book?

If you are interested, please fill out the application here -

Indicate your preference with respect to dates and we will do our best to accommodate you. Once we have received your application, we will email you the registration form. The two scheduled Rounds are taking place December 1st, and February 2nd. Payment will
guarantee your spot and may be made by cheque to the CSI Food Constellation (we are setting up on an online system that will accept credit cards for early next year).


Sara Udow will be happy to assist you with any questions. If you'd like to recommend others, please get in touch with her by email at

Thank you.

Aruna Handa, CSI Food Constellation Lead
Sara Udow, CSI Food Constellation Professional Development Curator