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New Resource--Ophea’s HIV/AIDS Online School Support Kit

Ophea’s HIV/AIDS Online School Support Kit is now live!

Help prepare children and youth for a world in which HIV and AIDS continues to be a reality.

This bilingual web-based resource supports teachers, school principals, school board administrators, public health professionals and community leaders in delivering age-appropriate HIV/AIDS education to school aged children and youth at elementary and secondary grades levels. 

The resource provides public health and community leaders with:

  • Practical and evidence-based information & tips
  • Best practices
  • Key messages
  • Additional resources
  • Teaching and learning strategies
  • Support for lesson development (that is aligned with the Ontario Education Curriculum and meets curriculum expectations) to assist with the delivery of community-based or school programs.


The HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit was developed by Ophea with support from the AIDS Bureau at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.