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Taking it to Scale: Moving from Innovation to Health Systems Transformation, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute Clinical and Population Health Rounds

Toronto, Ontario
December 8, 2011

12:00-1:00 p.m.
209 Victoria Street, 2nd floor Auditorium, St. Michael's Hospital

Presenter: Arlene S. Bierman MD, MS, FRCPC; Ontario Women's Health Council Chair in Women's Health, St. Michael's Hospital and University of Toronto; author of "The POWER Study"

Responder: Adalsteinn Brown, Dalla Lana Chair in Public Health Policy, University of Toronto and Scientist, Keenan Research Centre in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital

This event will be of interest to anyone interested in reform of the Ontario health care system.

Dr. Bierman is a Geriatrician and OWHC Chair in Women's Health at University of Toronto, and St. Michael's Hospital with experience in measuring health care system performance in Ontario and the U.S.  She will be reporting on a recent meeting at the NIH that focused on how to implement successful pilot projects of health care interventions across the whole system.  In addition, she will be discussing new approaches and challenges in widely implementing effective health care innovations to improve quality across health systems implications for research and practice.

Dr. Brown is former Assistant Deputy Minister of Health in Ontario, Professor at University of Toronto, and currently holds the Dalla Lana Chair in Public Health Policy. He will reflect on the role of policy in supporting innovation, how Ontario has done in this regard, how we compare with others , and what hospitals and department heads can do to support innovation in health care delivery.

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All are welcome.