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Online Health Program Planner Changes, THCU

The Online Health Program Planner (OHPP) is changing….for the better!

The OHPP is a collection of health planning tools that can help you make evidence-informed planning decisions. Here are some recent changes:

  • The new Online Business Case Creator (OBCC): The OBCC is a tool that will guide you through a three-step process to analyze your project and help you make your best recommendations about whether a project should move forward.
  • New Project Management Tools (PMT): You now have access to worksheets to help you clarify project implementation roles; create a budget; develop a work plan; clarify project stakeholder roles and expectations; and more!
  • Improved Print Options: The OHPP has new output options. It now allows you to create an MS Word document with one, some or all of your worksheets (from any or all of the six program planning steps (PPS), OBCC and PMT.
  • Editing Existing Plans and Version Control : The OHPP now has two additional features that make it easier to update/edit your plans and manage different versions of your plan.
  • Refresh Function: Many worksheets that bring forward information from previous OHPP worksheets now have a 'REFRESH' option that allows you to clear out the worksheet, bring forward newly edited information from previous worksheets and start clean.
  • Copy Your Plan: Worried about losing your old draft? Never fear. We have now added a "Copy Your Plan: feature.
  • Share Your Ideas: As you are working through the OBCC you will periodically be asked whether you are willing to share ideas in your plan about how to minimize risks or maximize benefits related to your plan.

For more information on the project and these recent changes, please visit