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New Resource--Pan-Canadian Low-risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines

The first pan-Canadian low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines—developed to help Canadians make informed choices about alcohol consumption and to encourage a culture of moderation—were officially released on November 25, 2011. That same day  Federal, Provincial and Territorial Health Ministers discussed Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines as the best available advice to Canadians for low-risk drinking, and stated that they will promote the use of the Guidelines within their jurisdictions as appropriate.

Developed for Canadians of legal drinking age by the National Alcohol Strategy Advisory Committee (NASAC) and informed by the most recent and best available scientific research, these Guidelines are an important tool to reduce Canadians’ risk of alcohol-related harms and promote a culture of moderation. They will help enable health professionals across Canada to provide consistent evidence-based advice on drinking and health to their patients. These Guidelines have received the support of many respected national and regional Canadian organizations, including: Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Paediatric Society, Canadian Public Health Association, Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, College of Family Physicians of Canada, Educ’alcool, MADD Canada, and Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

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