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RFP--Evaluation and Needs Assessment, Youth Advocacy Training Institute

Toronto, Ontario
Deadline December 31, 2011

The Ontario Lung Association’s Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI) is currently accepting proposals for two areas of work. Applicants may apply with a proposal for one or both opportunities.

YATI is a program that is funded by the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport, which aims to equip youth and adults working with youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote health and advocate for change in their communities. YATI does this through youth and adult training programs and youth engagement health promotion initiatives.

The term of these contracts will continue until March 31st, 2012.

We are currently seeking proposals for:
1) An Evaluation of YATI services
2) A Needs Assessment for future YATI services

1. Description of Scope of Work - Evaluation Component:

YATI’s current evaluation is to conduct pre/post surveys for all trainings offered, that assess  knowledge and self-efficacy. Last year YATI offered over 65 general trainings reaching more than 2500 people not including partnership projects. We also conduct process evaluations (customer service evaluations) for all trainings. Additionally, some qualitative measures are used to gather additional data. These evaluations are collected for all regular trainings plus additional partnership projects.

In addition to regular evaluation of trainings, last year YATI conducted a follow-up qualitative evaluation to determine the longer-term outcomes for youth as a result of having attended a YATI training program/conference. We plan to conduct a similar evaluation this year and extend it to include adults who attend training program as well.

General Overview

YATI is seeking an evaluator to conduct training results analysis, training program data analysis, report writing, and the creation of a follow-up evaluation tool and strategy  development. Each subcomponent is further detailed below.

Specific Deliverables

1) Training Program Data Analysis and Report Writing

  • Data from all trainings will need to be cleaned and organized
  • Pre- and Post-survey, process evaluation, and follow-up survey data must be analysed
  • A written report is required regarding the YATI training program, methodology, results and recommendations. The report should include key results including knowledge gain, self-efficacy, and satisfaction ratings given to trainings. The report should be in consistent with previous reports - a copy of earlier reports can be found at:

2) Follow-Up Survey Tool, Strategy Development and Report

  • Provide advice regarding two strategies to conduct manageable and achievable follow-up evaluations
    • A follow – up evaluation of YATI training impact on youth
    • A follow – up evaluation of YATI training impact on adults
  • Development & implementation of survey tools used to complete follow upevaluations
  • A written report is required to report on key results to be included in the overall final evaluation report.

3) Additional Evaluative Needs

The successful candidate will:

  • Clean and organize the data collected (and code if necessary) by YATI
  • Analyse and complete the writing of a summative report including methodology,
  • results, and conclusions to be compiled into the final YATI 2011-2012 Evaluation
  • Report. This report will include all three previous report sections.
  • Receive and incorporate feedback to up to 3 sets of revisions for reports.

2. Description of Scope of Work - Needs Assessment Component:

To inform planning for next year’s services, YATI will also be conducting a Needs Assessment to determine how we can continue to offer the services and programming that meet the needs of our target populations. The purpose of the Needs Assessment will be to identify gaps  or priority areas for focus, ways to enhance the current services offered, and additional training topics identified as important by stakeholders.

Specific Deliverables:

  1. Creation of survey tool used to conduct Needs Assessment
  2. Creation and implementation of an interview survey tool for key informant interviews.
  3. Analysis of data received from completion of Needs Assessment
  4. Creation of a summary report of Needs and Recommendations based on the Needs Assessment.


All proposals should include:

a) Cover letter including previous academic and applied experience in evaluation and/need assessments
b) Current resume or curriculum vitae (for those working on the evaluation);
c) Fee schedule/rates for all services outlined in the proposal;
d) At least two samples of completed evaluation and/or needs assessment work;
e) A signed statement that you or your organization has never worked for the tobacco
industry; and
f) 3 references

Successful candidates should possess:

  • A minimum of a Masters degree in a related field and/or relevant experience
  • 3-5 years of experience in evaluation or other related statistical analysis.
  • Knowledge of/or experience in the health promotion, tobacco control and/or education sectors.
  • Technical quality, including ability to create a clearly defined plan and accomplish objectives

Please submit your proposals for one or both tasks by midnight, December 31,

All proposals must be submitted (pdf format preferred) to Sarah Butson at the email address listed below.

Sarah Butson
Program Manager
Youth Advocacy Training Institute
The Lung Association
573 King Street East
Toronto ON M5A 4L3
Phone: 416-864-9911 x286
Mobile: 647-296-4783
Fax: 416-922-9430