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Shifting Gears: Ontario Bike Summit 2012, Share the Road Cycling Coalition

Toronto, Ontario
April 24-25, 2012

The Summit will focus on working together to devise solutions to enhance our economy, our environment and our health.

If you are looking for:

  • Great ideas and campaigns to encourage cycling in your community
  • Information on how to develop a “Share the Road’ campaign in partnership with local law enforcement, media and other community partners
  • Innovative methods for mobilizing community resources, creating momentum and achieving success
  • Best in class examples of innovative cycling design, implementation and planning -- including examples of segregated bike facilities
  • Strategies for managing liability in your municipality
  • Research and information on the connection between public health and the built environment
  • Tips and ideas on how to work more effectively with local governments to advance cycling -- including strategies for securing more support from the province
  • Data and research that you will help you “make the case” for enhanced cycling
  • Investments and programs in your community
  • An update on provincial cycling initiatives
  • Tips and tools on how to start an “Active and Safe Routes to School” initiative in your community.
  • Inspiration from bicycle friendly cities on the 5 “Es” of a Bicycle Friendly Community: Environment, Encouragement, Environment, Education and Evaluation and Planning
  • Information on how to apply for the Bicycle Friendly Communities Program
  • Ideas and best practices on how to leverage your community’s assets and reap the benefits of bicycle travel and tourism.

...then the 2012 Ontario Bike Summit is for you!

The Complete Streets Forum  is being held the day before in Toronto as well and there is a reduced registration cost for attending both the Forum and the Summit.

For more information and to register, please visit