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Reaching IN Reaching OUT Trainer Intensive

Toronto, Ontario
November 5-9, 2012

BECOME A RIRO TRAINER and help build resilience in your community…

November 5-9, 2012, Toronto, Ontario (RIRO Trainer “intensive”)

Reaching IN…Reaching OUT (RIRO) is an evidence-based resiliency skills training program for PROFESSIONALS who work with young children and their

RIRO skills training helps adults help young children develop a resilient approach to handling life’s inevitable stresses and challenges. The training also helps professionals cope more effectively with work and life stresses and provides a framework to enhance their reflective practice.

"This ranks as the most effective training I've ever received. Most enjoyable, informative and useful." –CLN (social worker, children's mental health)

"It was an amazing experience and also an opportunity to learn personally as well as professionally. The subject matter is so important that this training should be available to as many early childhood educators as possible." – KA (trainer, early childhood education)

Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT), a NEW resiliency skills training program for PARENTS of children under 8 years is now available.

Authorized RIRO trainers who have a strong background in facilitating parent groups and whose organizations offer parent education are eligible to apply to become BBT trainers to deliver the training to parents in their communities.

“Parents who had taken other parenting courses found this one more helpful because they felt it addressed their needs first – to calm, to see alternatives. It helped them feel better about themselves, making them better parents and more able to meet their children’s needs.”  –HK (social worker, child & family mental health)

Registration forms and details about the RIRO trainer’s intensive and both skills training programs are available at:

Space is limited, so please register early (Early Bird by October 5 - $875; after October 5 - $925).

For more information contact Darlene Hall (