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New Reports on Environment Issues from Toronto Public Health

Two new reports have been released from Toronto Public Health (TPH) on built environment issues.  
1) Comments on the Toronto Official Plan

After co-hosting a roundtable with City Planning in March 2012 we are presenting a report to the Board of Health that identifies several opportunities for enhancing health and equity considerations in the OP.
2) Toward Healthier Apartment Neighbourhoods

This report indentifies strategies that could be used to make apartment neighbourhoods healthier for their residents; strategies that could bring income opportunities, commercial goods and services into the neighbourhoods; strategies that could foster physical activity, neighbourhood safety, social interaction, and improved health for all. It also identifies the strategies that are currently impeded or limited by zoning by-laws that were developed half a century ago.
Both reports can be found on the TPH built environment web page,, and on the Board of Health agenda website, (under the Sept 24th, 2012 agenda).